Project Logistics


Design + Analysis

  • We work closely with our clients to gather all logistics requirements and align on scope of the project (timelines, budgets, duration)
  • Our projects team works alongside our logistics professionals to create the optimal combination of multi-modal solutions that are aligned to our clients scope


  • Air
  • Brage
  • Sea
  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Transloading
  • Warehousing


  • We assign a dedicated project manager for the duration of each project acting as a single point of contact for all of our clients needs.
  • Throughout the project we provide transparent and prompt communication and real-time tracking of cargo status and deliveries.
  • Daily and weekly project team meetings both internally and externally in order to review HSE and operational statistics and forecast ongoing capacity needs for the project.

Ongoing Agile Analysis

  • In order to keep up with the rapidly changing logistics landscape our team consistently analyzes the logistics design and operations to lean out current processes and drive efficiency for our clients.
Auxillary Services offered :
  • Project Site Orientation
  • Design and Implementation
  • Site Laydown Management
  • On-Site HSE Management
  • Equipment Maintenance and Monitoring